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Why Choose Pudding Stone Recording?
We will save you time, money and hassle in the recording of your project. 


1. We're musician owned and operated  

       2. We offer a comfortable recording atmosphere.

3. We have a helpful, experienced staff    

   4. We recognize the needs of both single artists and bands     

       5.With professional attitudes and experience, we will do the job right the first time!


Pudding Stone Recording is a professional studio with a history of 100's of recording projects covering a time span of more than three decades. Our goal is to help you to record your very best performance.

We understand the kind of team-work needed to capture that performance.

When our name is associated with your music, it really matters to us!


Pro Tools 

Digital Editing

CD Mastering

In-House Producers

Staff Musicians and Singers

Song Writing / Arranging

Pro Microphones and Outboard Gear

At Pudding Stone, it's all about the Music!

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