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Who is at the heart of Pudding Stone?  Why it’s Bruce Bolin, (Mr. Pudding Stone his own bad self)! Bruce's experience spans more than three decades. Bruce began recording his own rock band with a two track machine back in the-mid 60’s. Graduating to 4 tracks then 8 and then to 32 tracks. Now he's using Pro Tools to do
his recording. His desire to record and produce continues to be the driving force behind the man. Moving through the last century into the new millennium, Bruce has maintained an active roll in the music business. Whether he is recording, producing, mastering CD projects, writing songs, sequencing or digitally editing.

Music has always been Bruce's passion and he willingly shares his experience with his cliental in the production of their music. Because Bruce has been a performing artist, he has a knack for understanding the artist's needs and helps them to capture their very best performance in the studio. Bruce’s experience can help you to save time and money. He stands behind his work and will guarantee that your recording will always be of broadcast quality. 



What can Pudding Stone do for you?  Well here at Pudding Stone, you will receive the kind of service that is rare in today's climate. Your band can arrange to meet with Bruce at no cost. Together we can work out a plan in advance that will show you how to meet your group's goals in a cost effective way. There are no hidden costs. You can get help with CD design and marketing and also direction on your band's promo package.

If you are a songwriter and need help with your music, Bruce  can help you turn your song ideas into real songs. He will help with questions about song arrangements and vocals. He will give valuable information on the copyrighting your music. These are some of the services we offer  when you choose to work with us on your CD project. You will find that we are price friendly and very capable of capturing your music while you enjoy the studio recording process.


At Pudding Stone
It’s All About The Music


When is the best time for you to call for your free consultation? ----NOW---  Remember this is a free service offered to you by Pudding Stone Recording. After you have met with Bruce you will be able to make the decisions that will help to start your project and have some fun in the process.
Here are some comments from artists and groups that have taken advantage of the Pudding Stone Packages:

Jazz singer Vivian Lee has recorded two albums with Bruce.  "He really cares! He paid attention to details during recording that saved me time and money in the mix".

"I listed Bruce as a producer on our CD. His input was really helpful".--Mark Yates of the alternative rock group Pipeline.

"Pudding Stone is the comfort zone for us".-- Valerie Marston with the swing/jazz group Sister Swing 

"We really appreciated the help and guidance that Bruce gave. We were able to clean up some rough spots in our music and vocals on our first CD".  Nick Godman of the rock band Iron Angel.

"Working with Bruce was just awesome. He made a real difference in the way our music sounded. Many thanks for your help". Jay and Crystal Lawrence of the  Christian rock group His Own.

"This studio is the cleanest and most comfortable that I have worked in. It has a real finished feel and vibe about it". Rob Lautz vibe player for The Doug Pauly Trio.